Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 611.06

Graduation, Separation, Requirements, Early Graduation

In order to graduate, a student must accumulate 42 credits (210 semester hours), which include the following:

  • 8 credits (40 semester hours) of English
  • 6 credits (30 semester hours) of Social Science – must include American History and American Government
  • 6 credits (30 semester hours) of Mathematics – must include equivalent of Algebra 1-B beginning with Class of 2008
  • 6 credits (25 semester hours) of Science – must include Biology; 5 credits of science required prior to the Class of 2015
  • 2 credits (10 semester hours) of Physical Education – P.E./Health is required in the freshman year
  • 1  credit (5  semester hours) of Technology – Career Information Technology Course is required beginning with the Class of 2010
  • 13 credits of electives

Any exceptions to the requirements must be approved by the high school administration.

Permission must be granted by the principal prior to the enrollment in any correspondence coursework to be used in meeting a graduation requirement.  This includes any correspondence coursework needed to stay on track for graduation while participating in an educational activity approved by the principal.

One credit is granted for each class that meets for one period a day for the entire eighteen week semester.  One credit is the equivalent of 5 semester hours.

42 credits is the minimum standard required for graduation, the majority of students will far exceed this minimum.  Course decisions should be based on individual goals rather than meeting the minimum standard.

Students receive .5 credits per semester as a student aide and may earn a maximum of one credit as a student aide (2 semesters).  Additional aide credit beyond the maximum one credit will not count toward the accumulative graduation requirement of 42 credits.

All graduating seniors are required to go through the graduation ceremony.  Unless early graduation procedures have been approved every senior going through the graduation ceremony must be in regular attendance during 2nd semester of their senior year.

Early Graduation

The District recommends that students complete all four years of high school coursework.  However, students may graduate early if the following stipulations and procedures are met:

  1. Students must have fulfilled all of their credits for graduation prior to the time they intend to graduate.
  2. Students who graduate early will not be eligible to compete in any interscholastic activity, including sports, music, or any other club, organization, or intramurals as of the first day of second semester.
  3. There will be only one graduation ceremony and it will be the 3rd week in May.  Diplomas will also only be available at this time.  Students who chose to graduate early are encouraged to return and participate in the ceremony with their graduating class.
  4. Early graduates may participate in the Junior-Senior Prom as long as they comply with the rules set up by the school.
  5. A student applying for early graduation can only use one semester of credit in any subject area from correspondence courses, night school, etc., to apply toward his or her accumulated number of credits.
  6. A student applying for early graduation must show evidence of competency in writing by successful completion of a senior level course in literature/composition/AP English.  CLEP tests or other tests may not be used to meet this requirement.

Early Graduation Procedures

  1. The student will meet with the counselor to discuss application procedures and to review all graduation requirements between April 1 and May 1 of the year prior to the anticipated graduation.
  2. The student will fill out an application form and return it to the counseling center by May 1.
  3. A conference will be arranged with the parent(s) and their son or daughter.  Both the principal and the counselor will be involved in the conference.
  4. At that time, the student will be required to submit in writing the reasons for early graduation, the benefits to be derived, and the plans or goals of the student.
  5. The counselors and the principal will then present the list of mid-term graduates and background information to the Board of Education.  The Board of Education will act upon acceptance or denial of mid-term graduation at the June meeting of the Board of Education.
  6. The principal and/or counselor will notify all applicants of approval or denial by July 1 prior to the anticipated mid-term graduation.
  7. A student interested in graduating at the end of his/her junior year must submit a written application form prior to May 1 of his/her sophomore year and must comply with all of the requirements and procedures for mid-term graduation.

Approved:  September 12, 1996

Revised:  August 14, 2006

Revised:  November 8, 2010

Revised:  November 12, 2012