Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 611.04


If a teacher feels it is in the student’s best interest to repeat a grade level, the following steps must be taken:

1. By mid-February, teachers of retention candidates will have made initial contact with parents.

2. By March 1 retention candidates will be referred to the principal for consideration for special services, counseling, and intervention.

3. By mid-April, a second parent contact will be made and data concerning the student’s status and progress will be presented along with options (promotion, retention, summer school, schedule changes, etc.)

4. After the end of fourth quarter a conference including the principal, parents and teacher(s) will be held to review the school year and discuss options.

5. The principal will make the final determination and notify the parents/guardians by certified letter of the decision to retain or promote.



(This form must be filled out for all recommendations for retention whether the student is actually retained or not. Submit this form to the building principal by March 1.)

Date: ______________________________

Student: ______________________________

Present Grade Level: ______________________________

The criteria used in making a recommendation of retention for this student include achievement, age, maturity, work habits, school behavior, and organizational skills.

Achievement (grades) –


Work Habits –


School Behavior (including attendance) –


Organizational Skills –


Age –


Maturity –








(Teacher Signatures)