Policy 606.01

Instructional Materials Selection

The Board recognizes that appropriate texts, library reference materials, maps and globes, laboratory equipment, audiovisual equipment, computer hardware and software, art supplies, athletic equipment, current periodicals, standard tests and questionnaires, and similar materials are the tools of the teaching profession. The materials selected for use in the curriculum of the District should present subject matter in the most effective manner consistent with the school district’s philosophy of education. The teaching staff will serve on curriculum committees and meet with the administration for the purpose of recommending improvements in curriculum and materials. Recommendations and/or modifications are reviewed by the Board Curriculum Committee and forwarded to the total Board for approval.

The Board agrees that at all times the schools should be as well equipped and maintained as may be possible within existing financial limitations. Each student should be provided a basic text in each field of study.

The use of audiovisual materials and computer software shall be exclusively for classroom, auditorium, or laboratory exhibition in the course of classroom instruction or related educational activities.

Approved: November 10, 1992
Revised: December 9, 1996
Revised: August 14, 2006