Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 604.06

Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Selection of supplemental instructional materials shall comply at all times with the guidelines of Policy 606.01 Instructional Materials Selection. In no event shall age inappropriate material be provided to or shown to students. Additionally, prior to the use of controversial supplemental instructional material (such as the use of an R-Rated video/movie in an elective junior or senior class), the teacher shall secure the approval of each of the following:

1) Building Principal,
2) Curriculum Committee of the Board.

Each of the parties listed above shall review the material, along with a proposal from the teachers that has selected the materials explaining the need to use controversial instructional materials. Each of the parties shall provide to the Superintendent a written opinion with respect to each of the following:

1) How is the controversial material appropriate to attain the curriculum objectives of the course of study prescribed for the class in which it is being used?

2) What are the clock hours of classroom time committed to the use of the controversial materials and is this use of time appropriate to the attainment of the curriculum objectives of the course of study prescribed for the class in which it is being used?

3) Is the controversial material appropriate to the ages of the various students in the class?

4) In the collective opinion of the reviewing party, is the controversial material appropriate for use in the class for which it is proposed?

Once approved by each of the parties above, the teacher must notify parents/legal guardians in writing of the use of the potentially controversial instructional material each time the materials are to be used.

This written notice shall be provided to parents/legal guardians not less than 14 calendar days prior to the proposed use of the materials and shall include the following: 1) A statement of the materials to be used and an explanation of the applicability of the materials to the curriculum; 2) Parents/legal guardians shall be given a choice of an educationally equivalent alternative assignment or alternative materials that could be used by students; 3) A date/time for parents/guardians to have the opportunity to inspect the materials before the use of the materials; and 4) Positive, written, parent/legal guardian permission for the student to be presented the potentially controversial instructional materials.

Proposed: October 1996
Revised: December 9, 1996
Revised: August 14, 2006