Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 602.04


Two weather situations may occur that would cause school to be dismissed:

1. If weather conditions exist that would jeopardize the safety of students coming into school, school will either be canceled for the day or will start at a later time.

2. If severe weather conditions develop when students are in school, a decision will be made as early as possible to dismiss for the remainder of the day.

If either of these situations occur, announcements will be made on radio stations KFAB (AM 1110) and KKAR (AM 1290), and television stations WOWT, KMTV and KETV. If school is to have a delayed start or to be canceled announcements will begin on these stations at approximately 6:30 am. Early dismissals due to severe weather will be announced as soon as this decision has been made.



The procedures below are in effect as of December 13, 1996.

Winter weather in Nebraska will at times require the closing of school for students due to unsafe travel conditions.

The decision to close school for students because of severe weather conditions will be made by the superintendent and communicated to major radio stations by 6:00 AM. Based upon road conditions a decision will be made to have all teaching staff report or to have only emergency staff report. The staff members will be notified via phone as early as possible. Under no conditions will any hourly staff member be paid for hours not worked on a day when school is closed for inclement weather.

1. If severe weather makes travel extremely difficult, only emergency staff will be expected to report. Emergency Staff includes:

– Designated Central Office Staff – Custodians
– Administrators – Maintenance Personnel
– Building Secretaries (as designated by building principals)

Emergency staff will report at regular times. This is very important as some students may not hear the closing information and may attempt to come to school.

2. Except when previously announced by the administration that only emergency staff will report and the missed school day will be made up at a later date during the current school year, all teaching staff members will be expected to report if road conditions are passable. This decision will be made by 7:30 AM and communicated to all teachers by phone calling trees. Teaching staff members will be on duty from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This time will be for working in rooms, planning, organization, record keeping, professional development or other related responsibilities. Teacher assistants and van drivers are not expected to report when there is an emergency school closing.

If, in the judgment of any teaching staff member, the road conditions (snow, drifts, ice) prohibit getting to school safely, the teaching staff member will be expected to notify his/her administrator and to make arrangements with that administrator to make up the contract day (six hours in at least three hour increments) prior to the last student day of the school year.

Adopted: December 9, 1996
Revised: August 14, 2006
Revised: May 12, 2008