Policy 411.01

Part-Time Certificated Employees

Certificated employees employed for temporary assignments and not regularly employed shall be subject to the policies and rules of the district prescribed for substitute teachers. (See Policy 411.02)

Certificated employees employed four-fifths of the time or more during each year of employment shall be deemed permanent certificated employees as provided by law and such certificated employees shall be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to permanent certificated employees.

Certificated employees employed part-time shall receive salaries and other compensation, including health and accident insurance, which will be prorated according to the placement of the teacher on the salary schedule and the proportion of the employment as it relates to the employment of a full-time equivalent (FTE) teacher; provided, however, that part-time teachers assigned .49 FTE or less will receive no health insurance or other fringe benefits provided by the District.

Legal Reference:

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: August 12, 1996
Revised: February 13, 2006