Policy 408.02

Certificated Employee Amendment, Termination or Non-renewal of Contract

The contract of any probationary or permanent certificated employee may be amended, terminated or renewed as provided by law.

All probationary or permanent certificated employees shall have a right to a hearing upon the amendment, termination, or non-renewal of a contract. The hearing for probationary certificated employees need not be a due process hearing as defined by law and may be held before a committee of the Board consisting of not less than three of the Board’s total members.

Notice to certificated employees of renewal, amendment or termination of contract shall be given to such certificated employee on or before April 15 of each calendar year or on or before such other date as may be established by law.

No teacher nor administrator shall be released from any contract unless such release is recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board.

The superintendent, during an investigation for the purpose of a recommendation to the board for termination or cancellation of a certified employee’s contract, may suspend the certificated employee without loss of pay and other benefits. The suspension will last until such time as the superintendent either concludes the investigation and determines no grounds for cancellation or termination exist, or until the superintendent recommends to the board the termination or cancellation of the certificated employee’s contract.

Legal Reference:

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: February 13, 2006