Policy 406.06

Certificated Employee Assignment and Transfers

The board shall have the right to reassign a teacher in fields of special training, or capabilities, at any time during the life of their contract through the superintendent and the proper principal.

The teaching staff shall be assigned to particular school buildings by the superintendent. Reassignment or transfer to another position or class shall be based on consideration of: 1) a change in the nature of the job, 2) increased or reduced responsibilities, 3) quality of work performed, 4) length of service, 5) benefit to the system. Teachers may apply for transfer or reassignment through their principals, but the judgment of the superintendent is final. The superintendent will make every effort to establish equity in assignments.

When positions become available, promotion of qualified personnel within the district will be considered. This policy shall serve as a guide in those cases where the qualifications of inside candidates are equal to or better than those of outside candidates.

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: July 11, 2005