Policy 406.05

Certificated Employee Duties and Workday

All district certified employees, other than the superintendent, shall assume the duties and responsibilities directly designated by the superintendent or designee.

The professional tasks of teachers involve considerably more time than that devoted to actual class instruction, at all levels of education, Pre-kindergarten through 12. Some of these duties are: study and research to keep abreast of new knowledge and techniques, assessment of students’ work, record keeping, lesson planning and preparation, student, parent and administrator conferences, in-service meetings, and pupil supervision outside the classroom.

Teachers are expected to be in their classrooms or at assigned educational environments prior to the beginning of their instructional day and after the close of their instructional day. This time is necessary for educational planning, preparation and conferences with students, parents and faculty members. Teachers whose effectiveness is impaired by a lack of lesson planning and participation in sufficient necessary activities before and after school shall be dealt with individually through the Teacher Appraisal and Professional Development processes.

All staff members are expected to maintain a standard of dress, personal appearance, general decorum, moral standards, and behavior that reflects their professional status in the community.

It shall be the responsibility of each building administrator, with the guidance of the Superintendent, to establish necessary regulations to accomplish effectively the goals of the instructional program in the school.

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: August 12, 1996
Revised: July 12, 1999
Revised: July 11, 2005