Policy 402.14

Social Security Numbers

Employee social security numbers shall be kept confidential to the extent required by law. Use of more than the last four digits of an employee’s social security number shall be made by the district only for:

Legal Mandates. Compliance with state or federal laws, rules, or regulations.
Internal Administration. Internal administrative purposes, including provision of employee social security numbers to third parties for such purposes as administration of personnel benefits and employment screening and staffing. However, the internal administrative uses shall not permit use of employee social security numbers:

As an identification number for occupational licensing.
As an identification number for drug-testing purposes except when required by state or federal law.
As an identification number for district meetings.
In files with unrestricted access within the district. In files accessible by any temporary employee unless the temporary employee is bonded or insured under a blanket corporate surety bond or equivalent commercial insurance.
For posting any type of district information.
Voluntary Transactions. Commercial transactions freely and voluntarily entered into by the employee with the district for the purchase of goods or services.

The district will not use or require an employee to use more than the last four digits of an employee’s social security number for:

Public Posting or Display. Any public posting or display available to the general public or to an employee’s coworkers.
Internet Transmission. Transmission over the Internet unless the connection is secure or the information is encrypted.
Internet Access. To access an Internet web site unless a password, unique personal identification number, or other authentication device is also required to access the Internet web site.
Identifier. As an employee number for any type of employment-related activity.

Full implementation of this Policy shall occur by September 1, 2008.

Legal Reference:
Laws 2007, LB 674
5 USCS § 552a (note) (Privacy Act of 1974)

Adopted: September 10, 2007
Revised: September 11, 2017