Policy 302.05

Superintendent Appraisal

The superintendent shall be directly responsible to the board for the general operation and administration of the district. The board is responsible for a written appraisal of the superintendent. The appraisal procedure shall include a minimum of two appraisals the first year of the superintendent’s service and a minimum of one appraisal annually on or prior to December 15 will be required thereafter.

The goal of the superintendent’s formal appraisal is to ensure that the education program is carried out, promote growth in effective administrative leadership, clarify the superintendent’s role, clarify the immediate priorities of the board, and develop a positive relationship between the board and the superintendent.

Legal Reference: 79 – 828

Approved: April 13, 1992
Revised: March 12, 1996
Revised: March 14, 2005
Revised:  March 9, 2015