Policy 302.02

Superintendent Contract and Contract Non-renewal

It shall be the responsibility of the board to provide the contract for the position of superintendent. The length of the contract for employment between the superintendent and the board shall be determined by the board, but shall not exceed three years. The contract will begin on July 1 and end on June 30. The contract shall state the terms of employment.

The superintendent serves the board as a probationary certificated employee, regardless of length of service. The superintendent’s contract shall be deemed renewed and will remain in full force unless it is amended or not renewed. The superintendent and board may mutually agree to terminate the superintendent’s contract at any time.

In the event of non-renewal, termination or amendment of a contract, the board shall afford the superintendent appropriate due process, including notice of its intent by April 15.

If the superintendent wishes to resign, to be released from a contract, or to retire, the superintendent must comply with all contract terms and board policies dealing with retirement, release or resignation.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-824

Adopted: March 14, 2005

Revised:  May 8, 2017