Administrative Rules And Procedures to Implement Policy 1007.09


It is the policy of the District to comply with the NCLB and federal grant programs in which the District participates.

1. Authority to Sign Applications. The Superintendent is authorized to sign applications for any of the NCLB formula grants on behalf of the District and may delegate such authority to other administrator’s at the Superintendent’s discretion. The Superintendent shall submit such applications as determined appropriate so long as acceptance of the funds does not include conditions contrary to the policies of the Board of Education.

2. Supplement not Supplant. Federal funds shall be used to supplement, not supplant the amount of funds or services available from non-federal sources, in compliance with the requirements of federal law. NCLB funds shall not be used to provide services otherwise required by law to be made available.

3. Equitable Allocation. Federal funds shall be used in a manner to ensure equitable allocation of resources. Staff are to be assigned and curriculum materials and instructional supplies are to be distributed to the schools in such a way that equivalence of personnel and materials is ensured among the schools in compliance with the requirements of federal law.

4. Maintenance of Effort. The District shall maintain fiscal effort related to NCLB programs in compliance with the requirements of federal law.

5. Resources. The procurement of resources related to the NCLB programs, including contracts and purchase or service agreements for such program, shall be in accordance with the district’s written procedures for purchasing and contracting. Purchase orders and invoices shall indicate an appropriate record of expenditures. All equipment purchased with federal funds, including those used in nonpublic and other facilities, shall be appropriately identified, inventoried, and when no longer useful to the program, properly disposed. Resources such as staff, materials and equipment funded by Title I shall be used only for children participating in the program.

6. Maintenance of Records. Records of all federal financial and program information shall be kept for a minimum of 5 years after the start date of the project.

7. Identification of Eligible Children. The Superintendent and the designees shall implement an appropriate process to identify children eligible for services provided under federal programs.

8. Coordination of Services. Title I services shall be coordinated and integrated with the regular classroom, with other agencies providing services and with other federal, state and local programs.

9. Other Requirements. The Superintendent shall take or cause other staff to take such action as required by law for the District to maintain compliance with NCLB and specific NCLB grant programs in which the District participates.

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Adopted: September 10, 2007