Policy 1006.08


The Board finds that relationships of Board members, staff members, advisory committee members, community members and others engaged in furthering the mission and role of the District should be facilitated and rendered more efficient. To this end, the Board may expend funds or otherwise make provisions to provide refreshments, not including alcoholic beverages, to individuals attending public meetings of the Board.

The Board also may expend District funds to provide non-alcoholic beverages, refreshments, and meals for any individual while performing or immediately after performing relief, assistance, or support activities in emergency situations, including but not limited to a tornado, severe storms, fire, or accident, and for any volunteers during or immediately following their participation in any activity approved by the Board and according to law, regulations and District policy and procedures.

All expenditures under this policy shall be in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Rev. Stat. 13-2203(2)

Approved: November 10, 1992
Revised: December 11, 1995
Revised: November 12, 2001
Revised: September 11, 2006