Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 1005.04

Parental Involvement

The District establishes the following guidelines to foster and facilitate parental involvement in the education of their children:

A. Textbooks, tests and other curriculum materials used in the District are, and shall be, available for review by parents at school upon request. Parents should be aware that due to revisions and updates, textbooks, tests, and other curriculum materials constantly change;

B. Parents and other District patrons shall have input in the development of broad curriculum goals;

C. Parents wishing to attend and monitor courses, assemblies, counseling sessions, and other instructional activities, must obtain prior approval of the appropriate teacher, counselor or administrator (see Policy 1250). Parents attending or monitoring courses with prior approval who, by their conduct or presence, interfere with the educational process or constitute an interference with school purposes, will be asked to leave;

D. The school district will excuse students from testing, classroom instruction, and other school experiences only upon parental request and only after a conference with the teacher and building principal. Parental requests must be in writing and submitted to the proper teacher or building principal a reasonable time prior to the testing, classroom instruction, or other school experience, and must be accompanied by a written objection, acceptable to the school district, that the action is required. A plan for a reasonable and acceptable alternative shall be approved by the proper teacher and administrator prior to, or as a part of, the granting of any parent request;

E. Parents will be provided access to records of students according to law (e.g., Family Educational Rights of Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g or 70-4, 157, RRS);

F. Norm referenced, criterion referenced tests and other group testing shall occur in the District as determined appropriate from time to time by the Board and District staff to assure proper measurement of educational progress and achievement and to comply with state rules; and

G. Participation in surveys of students shall occur in the District from time to time when determined appropriate by District staff for educational purposes. In all cases written parental permission slips for each student will be required prior to participation in an approved survey.

Adopted: June 19, 1995
Revised: December 11, 1995
Revised: September 11, 2006