Policy 1005.01

Public Participation

The board recognizes that concerns regarding the operation of the school district will arise. The board further believes that constructive criticism can assist in improving the quality of the education program in the district. The board places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in such a manner that employees are freed from unnecessary, or negative criticism and complaints.

When a complaint requiring attention is received by the board or a board member it will be referred to the superintendent. After all of the channels have been exhausted, the complainant may appeal to the board by requesting a place on the board agenda or during the public audience portion of the board meeting. If the complainant appeals to the board, the appeal shall be in writing, signed and explain the process followed by the complainant prior to the appeal to the board.

The Board will give substantial thought to the comments received from individuals and community groups interested in the schools, especially those individuals and committees appointed to advise the board. Board members shall use their own best judgment in arriving at necessary decisions.

Approved: October 12, 1992
Revised: December 11, 1995
Revised: September 11, 2006