Policy 1004.03

News Conferences and Interviews

The superintendent, on behalf of the board and the school district, may hold a news conference or respond to a request for an interview with the news media. The superintendent shall respond accurately, openly, honestly, and objectively to inquiries from the news media about the school district.

News conferences and interviews planned or pre-arranged for school district activities shall include the board and the superintendent. News conferences for issues requiring an immediate response may be held by the superintendent. It shall be within the discretion of the superintendent to determine whether a news conference or interview shall be held to provide an immediate response to an issue.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to keep the board apprised of news conferences and interviews.

Information about school activities and issues will be provided to the community in a way that will create and maintain a dignified and professionally responsible image for the district.

The procedures listed below will be followed in giving official information to the news media:

1. The board president will be the official spokesman for the board, unless this duty is delegated;

2. News releases that are of district-wide interest or that pertain to established district policy will be the responsibility of the superintendent;

3. The superintendent will establish regulations for the dissemination of news releases pertaining to the district.

When individual board members receive requests from press media representatives for information about board meetings or actions, members will refer these representatives to the board president, who is the spokesman for the board, and/or the superintendent. The president may designate others to speak on behalf of the board at his/her discretion. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit the rights of individual board members to speak their personal opinions.

Approved: September 11, 2006