UPDATE: See this page regarding Open/Option enrollment for the 2017-18 school year.

Option Enrollment

As part of the Learning Community, any student in the 11-member school districts may opt to apply for “Open Enrollment.” The Open Enrollment system replaces the option enrollment process used prior to the 2009-10 school year.  Students may choose to apply at any school within the Learning Community.

The Elkhorn Board of Education approved the following (13) available seats for the 2016-2017 school year.            

Hillrise Elementary 
Fourth Grade (1 seat)
Fifth Grade (1 seat)

Manchester Elementary  
First Grade (1 seat)

Sagewood Elementary School  
Second Grade (1 seat)

Skyline Elementary School  
First Grade (1 seat)
Second Grade (1 seat)

West Bay Elementary School       
Second Grade (1 seat)

West Dodge Station Elementary    
Fourth Grade (2 seats)

Westridge Elementary      
Second Grade (2 seats)
Third Grade (2 seats)

Fire Ridge Elementary
No available seats

Spring Ridge Elementary
No available seats

Elkhorn Middle School  
No available seats

Elkhorn Ridge Middle School     
No available seats

Elkhorn Grandview Middle School 
No available seats

Elkhorn Valley View Middle School      
No available seats

Elkhorn High School        
No available seats

Elkhorn South High School      
No available seats

Below is the preference order of intake for Open Enrollment.

  • First preference will be given to siblings of students who will be enrolled as continuing students in a school building or program for the school year for which enrollment is sought.
  • Second preference will be given to students that contribute to the socioeconomic diversity of enrollment at each building as defined in statute.
  • Third preference will be students who do not contribute to the socioeconomic diversity of such school building up to the remaining capacity of such school building.

Click on the link below to download the application OR you can complete the form online.

To visit the Learning Community’s website, click HERE