To better serve our families, EPS has partnered with SchoolPay to implement a new online payment system.  At this time, this system will be used for the following items:

  1. Loading lunch balances
  2. Paying activities fees and purchasing athletics passes
  3. Purchasing Chromebook device coverage
  4. Paying individual school-based fines
  5. Paying Preschool tuition


To utilize the system, parents will need to create a new user account by following the below instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green “Create an Account” button 
  3. Enter your “Payer” Information
  4. Choose “Elkhorn Public Schools”, then choose your student’s assigned school* and enter his/her Student ID number and Last Name.
    *If you have multiple students, choose one student to enroll first and complete the School Name, Student ID, and Last Name for that student.  Upon account creation, you will have the option to add additional students.
  5. You will receive an email to set your password.  Click the Login link within the email, set a new password, then log in to make purchases or add additional students as needed.
    * To add additional students to your account, follow the instructions at this link: 

A Student ID number is required for account creation.  If you do not know your student’s ID number, ask your student what his/her lunch number is or it can be found by logging into your Parent PowerSchool account.  If you are still unable to locate the Student ID number, please contact your school building after July 27th.

Please note if a student’s previous lunch account held unused funds, those funds have been transferred to the new accounts.  If you believe you had unused funds in your previous account but do not immediately see them, please contact Susan Desler at 402-289-0443 or email  Additionally, if you paid activities fees for the upcoming school year before the deactivation of the former payment system, you will not see that transaction in the new system.  If you need to confirm a previous payment of the activities fee, please contact your building’s Activities Secretary after July 27th.

If you have any questions regarding your new account or the process for creating it, please contact School Pay Support at 888.886.9729 or