In kindergarten, students learn many important things in many different ways, but one lesson they’ll take away from their first year in school is to never write the letter Q without the letter U.  Wondering how they learned it?  Why, by attending a wedding celebration of course!

In the social event of the year, kindergarten students at Blue Sage Elementary attended the matrimony of the letters Q and U, as celebrated by stand-in officiant and permanent principal, Mrs. Christ.  The wedding is the final chapter of the lessons students spent time working through in regards to spelling, letter sounds, and word identification focusing on the importance of ensuring that the letter “u” follows the letter “q” when spelling words.

Students Austin Caniglia and Lucy Marvin thought the wedding was a major highlight of their kindergarten year, stating “Q and U had to get married because they make the same sound so Q can’t make a word without U. And, it was a lot of fun because we even had cake and danced!”