The first year of a school for young students can be an exciting change, and one that kindergarten teachers at Arbor View Elementary embrace fully as they work diligently to ensure that students in their classrooms excel academically, as well as socially.   To that end, the first month of school for kindergarten students includes not only core subject area lessons, but also lessons about building their school community and getting to know each other.  After all, these students will spend over a decade with their classmates, so the foundational relationship they build in kindergarten is vital.

In several kindergarten classrooms, students have a chance to teach their classmates about themselves as they participate in “King or Queen of the Day” or “Star of the Day” where students provide a poster detailing important notes about themselves to share with classmates.  In Mrs. Devney’s classroom, students share Show and Tell pictures that explain important facts about them, giving their classmates a glimpse into their personality, interests, and background.

According to Mrs. Devney, one Arbor View kindergarten teacher, “As teachers we find it important to build a solid classroom community and help our students learn about each other.  It creates the foundation of a successful year filled with learning, fun, and friendships!”  Through these activities, students make connections to their peers and build relationships that will strengthen as they continue their educational paths.