Students at Arbor View elementary have spent the year focusing on hard work, friendship, determination, and most recently, team spirit, as presented by the Pyramid of Success in “Inch and Miles”, a book by John Wooden.  Monthly, during View Crew times, these lessons are paired with activities that help students understand the importance of such topics throughout their lives. 

As the topic of team spirit came up, staff members at Arbor View determined that there were few individuals more well-versed on the subject of teamwork than those whose careers depended on their ability to work well with their teams.  So, Arbor View students were treated to a special assembly featuring former Huskers and current NFL players Spencer Long of the Buffalo Bills, Brett Maher of the Dallas Cowboys, and Brent Qvale of the New York Jets, as they read the Team Spirit lesson from “Inch and Miles” and answered student questions, including “What’s your favorite game you ever played in?”, “Are you ever nervous or scared for a game”, and “How do you handle disagreements with your teammates?”.  After the book was read and student’s had the answers they so determinedly needed, Long, Maher, and Qvale gave life advice to the group, reminding them to study hard, play hard, be a good listener, and most importantly, always remember that when you work together as a group to achieve a common goal, the lesson and outcome are always more enjoyable.