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Important Testing Dates in March and April

Third, fourth and fifth grade students will be participating in the NeSA and SAT 10 assessments during March and April. The SAT 10 is a standardized achievement test and NeSA stands for “Nebraska State Accountability Assessments.”  Click “Read More” to view testing dates.

Results from the NeSA assessments are used to identify strengths and areas of need across the District, as well as for each individual student. The results will also allow our teachers to guide classroom instruction based on needs. It is important that all students be present during these testing dates.

NeSA-R (Reading)

Third Grade—March 29-30

Fourth Grade—March 27-28

Fifth Grade—March 27-28


SAT 10

Third Grade—Week of April 9

Fourth Grade—Week of April 9

Fifth Grade—Week of April 9


NeSA-S (Science)

Third Grade—Not Administered

Fourth Grade—Not Administered

Fifth Grade—April 18-19


NeSA-M (Math)

Third Grade—April 26-27

Fourth Grade—April 24-25

Fifth Grade—April 24-25

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