Elkhorn Valley View Middle School
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Today's EVVMS Activities

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Other Schools Activities

The following activities include all other schools South of Dodge.


Booster Club

Please visit the EVVMS Booster Website at this address:



Elkhorn Valley View Middle School 2013-14 Booster Club Board

President                        Stephanie Millard
Vice President                Open
Secretary                        Holly Schilmoeller
Treasurer                        Linda Lembree

Parent Communication/Booster Club Meetings

Held at Elkhorn Valley View Middle School at 12:00 p.m.
All EVVMS Parents/Guardians Welcome!!

Wednesday, September 10
Wednesday, October 8
Wednesday, November 12
Wednesday, December 10
Wednesday, January 14
Wednesday, February 11
Wednesday, March 11
Wednesday, April 8
Wednesday, May 13