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Strategic Plan

Adopted June 2011

District Mission Statement

The Elkhorn Public Schools unites students, families, educators, and the community to ensure a challenging and enriching academic environment that inspires students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

 Governing Principles

The Elkhorn Public School District believes:

  • Each student is a unique learner.
  • The value of human diversity is recognized and respected.
  • High quality educators and staff members are the foundation of the fulfillment of our mission.
  • Respect of self and others is essential.
  • Quality education provides the foundation for life-long learning.
  • Education is a shared responsibility of the Elkhorn Learning Community, which consists of students, family, school district personnel and the community.
  • The Elkhorn Learning Community provides a safe environment that nurtures, challenges and encourages each student to reach full potential.
  • The Elkhorn Learning Community is committed to the development of each student’s personal, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.
  • The Elkhorn Learning Community equips each student with the necessary skills to become a productive and responsible citizen.
  • The Elkhorn Learning Community is committed to continuous improvement for the benefit of each student.



The Elkhorn Public Schools will develop and maintain a facilities master plan for ongoing examination of and reaction to enrollment growth.

-District growth strategic objective remains as it has since 1991



(adopted in 2011)


1.)   By 2013, EPS will implement extended learning opportunities for all students.

-Alternative credit opportunities for remediation and enrichment (24/7 learning)

-Online courses

-Before and after school opportunities


2.)   By 2014, EPS will align curricular learning goals to provide students with skills to succeed in a global workspace.

-Engage students using technology as an instructional tool

-Enhance critical reasoning skills


3.)   EPS will continuously implement and utilize instructional best practices related to 21st century learning competencies and teaching standards while using assessment data to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

-Enhanced involvement of parents and stakeholders in the AdvanceEd school improvement process

-Maintain focus on the school improvement process